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Competitors for the Werribee Pony Club Event 27th and 28th September 2014  Please note:

All stabling will need to be on the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre booking form. There will be no online bookings for this event 



Competitors for the Victorian Interschools

Provisional Stable and Camping List is now posted on the Equestrian Victoria website



All Competitors for the Victorian Inter schools Event please note :

All stabling will need to be on the Victorian Inter schools form. There will be no online bookings for this event.

To Download the Form Please Click Here  


All competitors for the Police and Emergency Games please note

There will be no bedding deliveries after 4.30pm Thursday 17/4/14 until 9am Tuesday 22/4/14. The Centre will be open for stables that have been booked over this period and all bedding that has been booked will be delivered.

All outdoor dressage arenas along with the indoor arenas and show jumping arena will be closed until Tuesday 22/4/14. During this time no competitors are permitted on these areas.

The on-line booking system will also be closed over this period.



Notice to competitors for the weekend 1/3/14 & 2/3/14.

Vic Roads has advised that from 11pm Saturday 1st March until 8 am Sunday 2nd March the Westgate Freeway will be closed between Williamstown Rd and the Western Ring Rd. 

 There will be an Air Show that will have a flying display that will run from about 10am to 3pm on both days with larger and noisier jet aircraft in the afternoon.  Our flying display plan has aircraft operating south and east of the Pt Cook area coming no closer than 3 nautical miles (approx 5klm) from the NEC and this should provide some noise protection.  The level of noise unfortunately is unfortunately very dependant on the weather.  If the wind is northerly and the sky is clear the noise impact will be minimal.  If however the day is overcast and the wind is from the south the noise impact could be more significant.

There is also  an extensive traffic management plan created to manage traffic issues and all of the air show public traffic will be entering Pt Cook via Aviation rd.  The main entry and Exit will be via Duncan's Rd M1 interchange.  This intersection will be manned with traffic marshals and entry into and out of K road will hence be orderly and not significantly impact NEC traffic.


Provisional Barastoc stable and site allocations

For provisional stable and site allocations please see below linksPlease recheck stables and sites on arrival. If you move in to the incorrect stables or site you will be required to move immediately. 

Camping Allocations

Stable Allocations 


On behalf of Werribee Park I would like to let everyone know that Kimberly Riemer who has worked for WPNEC for 6 1/2 years has now moved on to greener pastures. Kimberley has been a great asset to us and we will all miss her.

I am sure you would all join me in wishing Kimberley the best of luck in her new venture.



The Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre office has relocated into the Equestrian Victoria office. All contact details for WPNEC will remain the same. 


Provisional Barastoc stable and site allocations

For provisional stable and site allocations please see below links. Please recheck stables and sites on arrival. If you move in to the incorrect stables or site you will be required to move immediately. 

Camping Allocations

 Stable Allocations



RASV Royal Melbourne Horse Show stable and site allocations

For stable and site allocations for this event please click here .  Please recheck allocations on arrival at WPNEC. Please note there are 396 Yards at WPNEC, which competitors can use, you do not need to book yards. Any queries please contact Jaci Hoystead at RASV on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or WPNEC This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



Christmas break 2013

Please note that the WPNEC office and grounds will be closed as of 4pm Friday 20th December and will reopen on Thursday 2nd January 2014. 

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all users, staff and competitors of the venue over the last 12 months, We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a safe and successful 2014. 



WPNEC now has a facebook page, please click here to be directed to our page!



Barastoc Stable Form 2014

For all stable bookings for this event please download the attached form . For any enquiries please contact the WPNEC office on 03 9741 7672 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



Sponsor a stable 2014

Just a reminder to all users of the venue who are interested in booking a stable on the "Sponsor a Stable program 2014" that the cut off date to obtain the same stable as the 2013 program will be Friday the 20th December 2013. If you are interested in this program, or would like more information please read the attached document


WPNEC are looking into some great alternative on site accommodation options. Can you please take the time to fill in this quick survey to help work out if this is of interest to you. Thank you

Click HERE to take the survey



RASV Stable form

Please click here for 2014 RASV Horse show stable form.



Sponsor a Stable 2014

To learn more about an exciting program that will see significant refurbishment works to the WPNEC stable complex, please read the attached document.

All enquiries are to be directed as per the attachment, or on email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 03 9013 0707



Yards at WPNEC

Please note that yards at WPNEC may be used on a first in best dressed system. We do not book yards out for events. We do not charge for the use of yards, this is covered in the facility fee paid for by all users to WPNEC.


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the WPNEC safety rules.

  1. Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre Committee of Management considers it a privilege that you are allowed to bring your dog to this venue. Please keep your dog on a leash and under effective control at all times
  2. Approved Safety Helmets must be worn at all times when riding, unless prior organised with management for competition only.
  3. Cross Country obstacles must not be jumped/used unless a non riding level one coach is present and training is arranged prior to use with WPNEC office.
  4. Riding of horses bareback is prohibited
  5. Riding of rugged and/or unbridled horses is prohibited
  6. Any person may lead a maximum of two horses while mounted
  7. Stallions must at all times be in the control of a person aged seventeen years or more, when led or ridden, unless otherwise stated by breed society or event conditions.
  8. Horses are not permitted within/upon the quadrangle (between the barn & Indoor 1)
  9. Horses are not permitted near pedestrian door ways
  10. Bicycles/scooters are not permitted in the Indoor Arenas or any stable block. Approved helmets must be worn at all times.
  11. Bicycles/scooters are not permitted near doors designated as public entrances or exits
  12. Motor Cyclist riders must wear approved safety helmets and hold the appropriate licence
  13. Speed limits must be adhered to at all times, the speed limit at WPNEC is 10km p/h
  14. Power leads must not be on the ground or over roadways
  15. Construction of portable/tape yards is prohibited
  16. Alcohol must not be consumed in the Indoor Arenas, unless purchased from the licensed bar located in Indoor Arena No 1
  17. Please observe all signs at the venue
  18. Horses must be tied in a safe manner. Horses must not be tied to unattached floats, wheelie bins etc.
  19. No infrastructure to be erected on WPNEC Grounds without written approval by management prior to event.
  20. Entry and Exit doors to Indoors Arenas are not be obstructed at any time.
  21. Every event to book at WPNEC must provide there own first aid officials.



Just a reminder to anyone intending on staying on site over night for events/squads that you are in fact required to book a site. You can book sites online via the WPNEC bookings page, or through the WPNEC office. Powered sites are $15 per night, and non powered sites are $10 per night. Please ensure you do park in the site allocated. 



Applications are invited for the position of CEO of Equestrian Victoria and WPNEC.

The Chief Executive Officer will lead the strategic direction and growth of Equestrian Victoria and WPNEC.  The CEO will be responsible for the delivery of services to EV's members and uphold its standing in the wider community.

For further details click here



Upgrade of Camp Area - 23/08/2013 - 25/08/2013

Note for all users visiting the centre this weekend: WPNEC will be upgrading the site/parking area in between Stable block A and Stable block B this coming weekend (23/8 - 25/8).  This area will not be available for parking, and will be closed off to all horses and public. Areas available for parking and camping this weekend will be the front camping area on the right hand side of the main drive, and the camp area behind stable block E. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.




I just wanted to update all the members on the status of our lease renegotiation with Parks Victoria. The lease WPNEC holds did formally expire at the end of July and we have been granted an extension by Parks Victoria to remain on the site on a month by month basis as our negotiations continue.

 Yesterday (15th August) we were visited by the Leasing Manager of Parks Victoria- the first time they have ever been to the site- this was their first response to our reply to them in the first week in June to the last part of our submission which we felt answered all the queries they had. Our previous feedback from them was in April 2013.

 The meeting was attended by myself from EV and Vic Kavals who represented Polo, who make up WPNEC. The meeting was very productive in terms of a clear path forward for us. They have advised of a couple of minor changes they wish us to make to the proposal and these will be completed and provided back to them during next week. We feel they have a much clearer view on how things operate and how WPNEC and its many users impact on the local community as well as the overall Equestrian Community.
I can categorically confirm that the leasing manager has confirmed to us that we will not be "kicked off", which may be a view held by some given the lease has expired, but this is definitely not the case. He has also confirmed that they will work with us and continue to see a satisfactory resolution to the negotiations, they are very keen for us to remain on the venue for the next 21 years, as we have asked for.

 I can also confirm, contrary to some of the many rumours we hear about the property, that we are the only party in any form of negotiation with Parks Victoria in relation to the property. Parks Victoria re affirmed their commitment to us to work with us until we fully complete the process for sole negotiation for a lease renewal.

 By way of time frame from here, it will work as follows. We will provide the additional information (the third lot of additional information we have provided since we started this process) by next week to them. They will then consider this ( allow 2 to 3 weeks for this). They will then (if happy with everything provided) provide their submission to the ministers office for an "Approval in Principal" to the lease renewal. (Allow approx 2 to 3 weeks for this process) This "Approval in Principal" effectively secures the property for us whilst the technical details of the lease document are agreed upon by lawyers for both sides, and the document is made available for the Parliament to view. The lease document itself isn't fully finalised for nearly 12 months whilst the parliament process is followed, but we operating under the "Approval in Principal".

 I can also assure our members that the lease renewal is something that is in our minds on a daily basis, our Board Members and myself have taken every opportunity to have the lease proposal discussion with all levels of politicians where available from the Premier, to local members of Parliament and also Board Members of Parks Vic who were guests at the Melbourne I3DE, and gave every indication whilst here that there would be no problems for us.

 I am very confident that the lease will be secured, even more so after the very productive meeting we had yesterday, as what we have to detail is any plan we have for the property for the next 21 years. I will continue to keep you informed over the coming weeks of further developments and feel free to call to discuss at any time.

 Greg Pratt. CEO. Equestrian Victoria




As of the 19/2/2013 we have commenced a baiting program of rabbits on the WPNEC grounds as a whole. This includes 1080 poison which is fatal to all dogs, and also impacts horses. Please be reminded that the WPNEC policy for dogs is that they are to be restrained by leash at all times while on the grounds. There will be no poisoning in the stables area but open areas and barns will have poison and fumigation works over the next period of time. Signage is also on the property on entry. We accept no responsibility for illness to any animals as a result of this program and the property has signage in line with all requirements.

Horse Feed at WPNEC

Horse feed can not be purchased through WPNEC, however any horse feed needed can be delivered to WPNEC through Country Link Rural Supplies at Lara, there contact number is 03 52 821 280. Bedding can be purchased through WPNEC office.


Following the tremenduous response we have received to date for this program we can advise we are now in a position to utilise our window of opportunity to do work prior to our forthcoming major events in late November and December.

Works will commence this weekend on stable blocks B C D & E which comprise some 119 boxes and the successful tenderer has been instructed that all works are to be completed and a clean site provided to us by Wednesday 21st November. The works to be done will include concrete stable floors to all of these boxes, a concrete apron 60cm wide along the front of all stables and a spoon drain in the centre of the alleyway will run full length enabling all water flow direct to the drains at the end of the stable lines.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our users for there support of this program and advise that there are still plenty of boxes available to complete the project and we welcome further applications. As we obtain futher sponsorship applications we will then be in a position for upgrading Stable A and the Barn refurbishment works and we still aim to have all this completed by the end of this calendar year. For any enquiries please contact the WPNEC office by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone (03) 9741 7672.

Greg Pratt

Interim Manager



WPNEC advises that its manager Jackie Woodhead has resigned to pursue personal and business interests. The board has appointed Greg Pratt its current treasurer as interim manager.



As of September 1st  all dogs that come to WPNEC must be on a lead and under effective control at all times. It is privilege that we allow horse competitors to bring their dogs to WPNEC events with them, so please make sure your dogs are on a lead at all times. We would like to continue this tradition and would hate to revert back to not allowing dogs onsite at all if competitors continue to allow their dogs to run free. Also, No dogs are allowed in either Indoor at any time, unless permission is granted from venue manager prior to event.

Please note that the Werribee Park Precinct have heavilly baited the surrounding areas for rabbits. It is paramount dogs are kept on a lead and under effective control at all times.



All users please note: 

As of July 1st if you are staying on the grounds overnight you will need to book a powered or unpowered site. This is now available to book online through Nominate.

Powered Sites will be $15 per night and non-powered sites will be $10 per night (unpowered will be online in due course). Once site has been booked you will receive an email with booking information, this will need to be placed on your windscreen over your stay at WPNEC.


Price Changes as of July 1st 2012

All users Please note there have been some price changes which will be effective as of 1st July 2012.

  • The Facility Fee of $16 will stay the same price for the 2012/2013 season.
  • Private training fee has been increased to - Indoor training fee is now $25 per horse for a maximum of 2 hour stay, Outdoor training fee will be $20 per horse for a maximum of 2 hour stay. Training times can be booked through WPNEC office.
  • Stable pricing has been increased to $36 per night. Barn stables have been increased to $47 per night. Arrival and departure time will stay at 4pm the day of stables being booked. Stables can be booked through Nominate or contact WPNEC office for details.
  • Camping on the grounds will now be charged at a per night fee, this will be inclusive of all events. We are currently in discussions with Nominate to arrange that sites can be booked online simular to our online stable bookings. Powered Sites will be $15 per night and non-powered sites will be $10 per night. Once site has been booked you will receive an email with booking information, this will need to be placed on your windscreen over your stay at WPNEC.


Small Shavings new price

All users please note, WPNEC have managed to source small shavings at a cheaper price, therefore passing this on through to our users. Please note as of todays date the small shavings bags have been decreased to $13.00 per small bag, this is a saving of $3 a bag from our previous price.

Bedding prices are as follows

Straw $12 per bale

Shavings $13 per bag


Bedding - Woolpacks

All competitors please note that as of approx 1st November, WPNEC will no longer be supplying woolpacks of shavings to competitors (current online orders will be filled). This is due to OH&S reasons regarding lifting heavy items.  WPNEC will still be supplying straw bales and the small shavings bags as ordered.



Opening of the Ed Rodgers Arena

Members of the Berwick and District Dressage Club took time out from DF festivities to officially open ring 3 at WPNEC as the "Ed Rodgers Arena".

Recent improvements to the arena have been sponsored by the BDDC so that there first Life Member, Ed Rodgers could be remembered by the sport  he so eagerly supported. Ed was the longest serving President of BDDC during a time when the club ushered in many changes to the sport in Victoria. He attracted sponsorship for the DF and DWTS and pioneered Dressage tours to Europe through his travel business and his many European contacts. Best of all Ed was a humorous and flamboyant character at every dressage event.

BDDC hopes that all riders enjoy the improved arena and give a thought to Ed and the many other characters that have pioneered Dressage in Victoria.


Stable Arrival and Departure times

All competitors please note that Stables booked will not be available until 4pm the day the stable is booked from, to 4pm the following day.

Stable Cleaning

All Stable users please note that when hiring stables you must leave stables fully cleaned out. Used stable bedding is to be left in stable aisle ways ready for tractor to push up into holding areas. You may pre order to have your stable cleaned by WPNEC staff at a fee of $25 per stable. If you do not clean your stable out correctly and have not paid the cleaning fee, you will be charged a stable cleaning fine of $50 per uncleaned stable. Not paying the cleaning fine may result in you being declined stables in the future.

Bailing Twine

It has been noted by WPNEC Staff and users the amount of bailing twine left around the venue after events. We feel it is up to users to put thier rubbish in bins that are placed around venue. Please do not leave twine tied to yards or stables, and remove upon leaving.

Stable Bedding

Please note that the only bedding we allow in WPNEC stables is Straw and, or Shavings, we do not allow any eco bedding, sawdust, or any other bedding product. This is due to the ongoing waste removal costs. If you are found to have used any other bedding product you will be fined a $50 removal fee.

Booking of Stables Online

Please note that the Nominate Stable bookings site will be Closed from 2pm the day prior to an event, and will re-open on the following Monday at approx 8am. We would appreciate all stable bookings to be made prior to this time to allow WPNEC staff to have booked stables ready for use, and feed and bedding on site and delivered.

PAST NEWS.........

WPNEC Private Training - New Guidelines

If you wish to use WPNEC for Private Training you must email the office with requests and make payment arrangements prior to arrival. 

Upon arrival at WPNEC you must report to Office. 

To ride at WPNEC you must be either a member of the EV/EA or have private public liability insurance to cover you for horseriding activities. 

For use of the Cross Country Course you must have a Level 1 coach in attendance, you must provide details to WPNEC Office prior to arrival.

Private Training will ONLY be considered for weekdays where there are no major competitions being held at WPNEC.  Private Training will not be available on Weekends.

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